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Project 2020

The biggest offshore sailing event ever organized worldwide.
A target number of 100 blue water sailing yachts will depart from the ports of Portugal and Spain (the home countries of Magalhaes flotilla captains), grouping in the Canaries by October 2018 and sail south to Brazil - Argentina and beyond.

There are already very well organized events for non-professional crews and blue water sailing yachts (e.g., ARC´s World Cruising, however we aim at a very different type of event and organization.

We want to commemorate this historical event of global impact. We will associate several sponsors to the flotilla and produce an electronic real-time web based broadcast of each yacht experiences and location. We will impact different target audiences, from school children to scientific societies world wide.

We want to show the World we are one people, living together in one planet. We want to get people around the World aware about how beautiful but also fragile our planet is and the challenges we face this century to make our blue planet liveable for the generations to come.

For now we don´t want to disclose more on our concept, but we´ll do so in the near future. We will post more info and open registrations as we need to get ready well ahead of schedule.

Olá, Sou o armador do NORTON - um veleiro de 43 pés Hans Christian de 1984 com armação em Cutter
Seja bem-vindo a bordo e espero que tenha uma viagem agradável.
Patrocinado pela 4SEA

Francisco Lobato

Transat 6,50 (2009)

Norte dos Pilotos,Guia dos Curiosos (2009)

Ed. Mar de Letras, Portugal

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